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The Workers in Transition Technology Program

A Program of Low Cost Technology Training for Displaced, Underemployed and Other Categories of Workers
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The Workers in Transition Technology Program - Class Schedules

Please take note of the current class schedules on this page, when the program recommences..

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Summer 2012 is a Transition Period

Some program changes are anticipated and they will be announced during this period. 


Update: September 1, 2012


My apologies to those of you seeking class schedules.  I have delayed announcement about the program until I could get settled in a position I accepted over the summer.

I am now in the Training & Technical Documentation Group for MorphoTrust USA (Billerica, MA).  I have been working to recruit addional instructors to help with the program, now that I have suspended my private practice.


I do expect to continue this program in some form, so continue to sign up if you have an interest in being notified when things are set.

One thing that I would like to accomplish over the next year is to more fully incorporate members of the military who are transitioning from their assignments back into the civilian sector.

Organizations that support such efforts should contact me to see how this program might help returning veterans.